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From: alanbaleyko (
Tue Mar 28 16:49:58 2000

Dana, I am on Paxil and I have been playing with the time I take it and have increased my dosage as per my doctors instructions. While you were healing did you feel the old pain at all? I'm not feeling any more of the surgical pain but can still feel the old pain on my left side. I'm wondering whether this is just the nerves "remembering" the pain. Thanks for writing and take care. Jessica

Dana wrote:

> I am sorry you are so frustrated. I understand your feelings as I had a
> similar situation. I trusted my doctor and then felt like he didn't
> take care of me.
> I would encourage you to give yourself time to heal from this last
> surgery. If you just had surgery this month, it could take a while to
> start feeling better. I had surgery in February, and it took a full six
> weeks to get over my surgical pain. Mine was a laparotomy, but it will
> still take a few weeks to get over a laparoscopy. After my surgery, I
> kept feeling the pain would return and was so fearly of every discomfort
> I felt. But after taking it very easy for six weeks, I am finally rid
> of the pain.
> I think another thing that has helped me is being on anti-depressants.
> If you're not on them, you might ask your doctor whether that's a viable
> option for you.
> Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Dana
> At Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Jessica wrote:
> >
> >Hi all! I have to write and tell you what I, with a little help from my
> >obgyn, have done to myself. I am frustrated, ashamed, and a little
> >depressed. My mistake in all this was trusting my doctor. He has the
> >best reputation in this area for obgyn surgery. He is a perfectionist
> >and all the nurses I have talked do say he does clean surgery. Sounds
> >like what we are supposed to look for right? What he has done to me is
> >taken me piece by piece, and not listened to me or communicated with my
> >GI doctor. Heres a quick run down of the proceedures I have had him do:
> >!. Oct "98- Lap to diagnose left side abdominal pain. He found a
> >corpus luteum cyst on right ovary, and adhesions to my bladder. Pain
> >returned 3 days after surgery, though it was less intense.
> >2. May 99- Open abdominal hysterectomy. I told him to remove anything
> >that looked like it would cause trouble in the future. I told him I did
> >not have a problem loosing my ovaries. At this time no adhesions were
> >mentioned.
> >3. March 2000-lap to remove ovaries due to severe pain. I could not
> >even work (teacher) due to the pain for 2 weeks prior to surgery. He
> >said I was a mess inside. He had trouble locating ovaries due to
> >adhesions and had "great difficulty" removing them. He said that he
> >almost had to open me up but was able to get 90% of adhesions. He feels
> >that they will almost certainly come back. 3 days after surgery, the
> >pain returns. Since I had a failed attempt at a colonoscopy and the GI
> >doctor diagnosed "tortured colon-probable adhesions cause" in 1998, I
> >feel it's the adhesions on the colon causing the problem. My obgyn
> >wrote in his report on the ovary removal that "If this patient requires
> >further exploratory surgery it is recommended that it be an open
> >abdominal proceedure with the use of an adhesion barrier.
> >Why did I let this man open me up so many times? Why did I not demand
> >that he remove my ovaries when he took my uterus? The only excuse I can
> >think of is that he is very arrogant and hates to be questioned. When I
> >begin to ask questions or state facts he shuts down. That's still no
> >excuse for me. Through this forum I knew better than he did what needs
> >to be done. You can bet I will begin interviewing surgeons today for
> >the future! Before the pain gets so bad that I would let a monkey with a
> >can opener do the surgery!! I'm going to wait as long as before the next
> >surgery.
> >Thanks for letting me vent and for always being there and understanding.
> >Any hints on choosing a surgeon would be appreciated! Here's to a pain
> >free day for all.
> >
> >--
> >Jessica Baleyko
> >

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