Re: fallopian tube...eight websites...for Kim

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Mar 27 13:29:11 2000

Dear Kim, The 8 websites, which I posted yesterday, are intended to give you more information about adhesions, fallopian tubes, etc.

Last night I searched the Internet...and in the process I came across the message which you posted at the OB/ Women's Health Forum in January. I read the physician's reply to "Congested Fimbria" and I was able to glean a little more information about your case.

If it surprises you that I found your message on the Internet, the same thing happened to me when I posted my story at the website in June 1998. I was stunned to find it on the Internet a few months later...and ever since I have received letter after letter from other people who are also suffering from adhesions.

I am not sure if you will find the information, which you are looking for, in the 8 websites I posted; but you will begin to learn alot more about adhesions and tubal problems; and you have actually been able to see what a paratubal cyst looks like. As a result, you may find it easier to discuss your problem with a medical professional... if this is what you choose to do.


At Sun, 26 Mar 2000, Kim wrote:

I have looked in the archives for this info to no avail. As was stated in the archives, I did get my surgical reports shortly after having my son by section. During the procedure, my doctor stated that my left fallopian tube began bleeding due to the fact that it had adhesions. He attempted to control the bleeding with a suture with no luck. "Since the tube was most likely useless, it was clamped and excised." Those were the exact words used in the surgical report. The pathology report states that the tube was unremarkable. There was congested fimbria(which from what I have gathered is excess blood due in part to the pregnancy), and a small paratubal cyst. Now, the questions...

Would the tube have shown signs of the adhesions as opposed to being "unremarkable"? And also, would/should the doctor have removed these adhesions and sent them along to path as well? I am feeling very betrayed that I lost this tube and I don't really know why. As I stated in an earlier e-mail, I have never had any signs or symptoms of adhesions as I have heard them described. I have not had any other abdominal surgury and no known infections which would have caused them. HELP. Thank you for listening. I really need to get answers to be able to close this chapter of my life. I appreciate you listening, wisdom and caring.

Sincerely, Kim

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