Re: intergel and Zelmac - to: Toni and Helen

From: Dana (
Mon Mar 20 17:02:27 2000

Sorry to hear your having such difficulty. I know how you feel about the depression - when my pain was at it's worst, I questioned why I should even go on. But my family and friends reminded me that I am needed here - as are you!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. - Dana

At Mon, 20 Mar 2000, kay wrote: >
>Hi Toni, I understand your feeelings about the intergel. I too, would
>love to see it in use here. If so, I would have surgery quickly. And I
>too, get down in the dumps about the pain. This is to Helen: I have
>been checking the American Pain Foundation articles and they have
>updated them. Well I want to get a copy of the article in early Feb.
>regarding the Zelamc that is being considered by the FDA. Well, I have
>tried everything to get to the article. I guess they dumped them. Can
>you help me? I want to keep an eye on the progress of the Zelmac and
>pray that it and Intergel will be approved for us.. bAD nEWS...mY
>ob-gyn SAYS HE CAN NOT DO ANYMORE FOR ME...I read between the lines
>which means he does not want to give me any more Lorcett. So now what
>do I do??? I can't stand the pain!!!! I do have an appt. with pain
>clinic at the end of the for now I shall suffer! I just want
>to cry! I am so frustrated! I want my life back! I want to feel good and
>pain free! I feel the depression setting in.(pitty party). But you have
>been so much support to me. I read the messages even though I don't
>always post one. I am here reading and my thoughts and prayers are with
>you. Frustrated and depressed in Mississippi. By the way, we have sold
>our house and have to be out by April 5. Wow! Just what I need.. My
>husband is going to N.H. to do research(he is an engineer) for 1 year
>and then we will be back to the sultry South. I need to feel good! And
>I have too much to do while I am in pain. Please pray for me, I know
>that it is very powerful!

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