Re: intergel and Zelmac - to: Toni and Helen

From: kay (
Mon Mar 20 16:51:11 2000

Hi Toni, I understand your feeelings about the intergel. I too, would love to see it in use here. If so, I would have surgery quickly. And I too, get down in the dumps about the pain. This is to Helen: I have been checking the American Pain Foundation articles and they have updated them. Well I want to get a copy of the article in early Feb. regarding the Zelamc that is being considered by the FDA. Well, I have tried everything to get to the article. I guess they dumped them. Can you help me? I want to keep an eye on the progress of the Zelmac and pray that it and Intergel will be approved for us.. bAD nEWS...mY ob-gyn SAYS HE CAN NOT DO ANYMORE FOR ME...I read between the lines which means he does not want to give me any more Lorcett. So now what do I do??? I can't stand the pain!!!! I do have an appt. with pain clinic at the end of the for now I shall suffer! I just want to cry! I am so frustrated! I want my life back! I want to feel good and pain free! I feel the depression setting in.(pitty party). But you have been so much support to me. I read the messages even though I don't always post one. I am here reading and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Frustrated and depressed in Mississippi. By the way, we have sold our house and have to be out by April 5. Wow! Just what I need.. My husband is going to N.H. to do research(he is an engineer) for 1 year and then we will be back to the sultry South. I need to feel good! And I have too much to do while I am in pain. Please pray for me, I know that it is very powerful!


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