Re: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

From: toni welsh (
Mon Mar 20 18:02:56 2000

At Mon, 20 Mar 2000, kay wrote: >
>I have been wondering if alot of you have been diagnosed with IBS as I
>have (secondary to the adhesions) and what your doctor is treating you
>with. I have tried Librax, Levbid, Bentyl and one other(can't
>remember). but none of these work. Maybe you have something that has
>worked that I have not tried. But I was just wondering if alot of us
>also have been diagnosed as having IBS. Is this pretty much what is
>happening. Boy, I wish the doctors I see could live in my body for
>about 4 weeks, then they would have a better understanding. I just want
>to scream out "Help ME" sometimes. I guess you have gathered that I am
>having a very painful day today.

Yes, I have been diagnosed with IBS too, for 5 years, I have taken Librax and Levbid, and now I take Rantidiine, and the GI dr started me on cytotec to try to stimulate the bowels. I had 5 senekot and 2 colace last night, and a VERY small BM today, and they are getting thinner as my drs had asked me. Not all the time but the past few times they are. That I do not understand, but the pain was terrible all weekend, alittle better today, at least tolerable.

I will try an extra senekot tonight, and hopefully go, I cannot go without a laxative, and the longer I take them the more it worries me.

Talk later, My husband is putting up a new aquarium to help me relax, hope it works.

Toni >

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