Re: no response

From: Dana (
Mon Mar 20 16:59:27 2000

Sorry you did not receive a response. Yes, you can have adhesions and not suffer any pain. My mother has had numerous abdominal surgeries, has been told she has adhesions, but has never had an ounce of pain. Some are lucky in that area, some are not.

Adhesions can be formed due to abdominal infections and inflammation, as well as from surgery. You might want to go to Adhesion FAQs located on the right of your screen. This gives more detail regarding how adhesions are formed. Be sure and link to "A Patient's Guide to Adhesions and Related Pain."

Painfree days to all - Dana

At Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Kim wrote: >
>I sent a message to the forum titled "Causes and other ?" several days
>ago. Much to my dismay, I have yet to receive a response.I really need
>to know some type of answers and I have nowhere else to turn. No one
>has been able to provide me with any information on how these things
>could have been in my body. Please help. Thank you. Kim

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