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From: Kim (
Mon Mar 20 21:02:06 2000

At Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Dana wrote: >

Thank you for responding. I am still unsure of how they form but will be sure to check out the FAQs. Thanks again. Kim >Sorry you did not receive a response. Yes, you can have adhesions and
>not suffer any pain. My mother has had numerous abdominal surgeries,
>has been told she has adhesions, but has never had an ounce of pain.
>Some are lucky in that area, some are not.
>Adhesions can be formed due to abdominal infections and inflammation, as
>well as from surgery. You might want to go to Adhesion FAQs located on
>the right of your screen. This gives more detail regarding how
>adhesions are formed. Be sure and link to "A Patient's Guide to
>Adhesions and Related Pain."
>Painfree days to all - Dana
>At Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Kim wrote:
>>I sent a message to the forum titled "Causes and other ?" several days
>>ago. Much to my dismay, I have yet to receive a response.I really need
>>to know some type of answers and I have nowhere else to turn. No one
>>has been able to provide me with any information on how these things
>>could have been in my body. Please help. Thank you. Kim

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