Recovery Time

From: Susan (
Wed Mar 15 05:37:09 2000

I had a TAH,BSO,appendectomy 5/26/99.I have had discomfort since then under right rib cage.I am having Lap on 4/7 to rule out gallbladder disease and to remove adhesions.Both are expert in their field.In Atlanta a Dr,Lyons will be removing adhesions.My question is how long a recovery time can I expect?I don't mean in terms of pain,as I have been uncomfortable for a year now I mean in terms of going back to work.I am a dental hygienist and I sit all day so no heavy labor.I am hoping to go back in a week.I know this is the place to go to ask this question.Everyone sounds like an expert in having adhesions.Also what are chances if Dr, really knows what he is doing one surgery will get them all?Thanks in advance.Susan

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