Re: Frustrated & in pain

From: flora (
Tue Mar 14 20:58:35 2000

At Tue, 14 Mar 2000, Robin wrote: >
>Well, after I finally got the right fax # for my dr's office to send in
>for a referal to another pain clinic (after having to wait a week
>already) I called the pain clinic to set up the appt. Well, that dr has
>to talk to my PCP. I called back to see if they could just get me an
>appt. for next week & in the mean time, the drs could talk, they said I
>couldnt get an appt until sometime in April! The other pain clinic I
>went to on my other insurance I could call & have an appointment the
>next day! I have some drs I am to call tomorrow to see if they do pain
>management & if they do I have to call my PCP to have them call the
>insurance co so the name on the referal can be changed. I have called
>the drs office for almost 1 1/2 weeks about this referal & have talked
>to the ins. for almost as long. I think I need to be paid for doing
>all of their work! I was on the phone with Drs office & insuance for
>over an hour today! I am so frustrated with everything & am at my wits
>end. I know I just have to keep up the faith, but when I am hurting &
>they cant me until next month, I just feel so hopeless!

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