Re: Depression & pain

From: Mary (
Mon Mar 13 10:52:52 2000

At Mon, 13 Mar 2000, toni welsh wrote: >
>I have been alittle busy the last few days, abd as usual having a rough
>time. I am trying so hard to overcome the depression that comes along
>with our troubles and our loved ones. It is getting to the time of the
>year when my mom died, and I cannot get past that. I cannot stand
>trying to deal with what the drs did to her, if they would have cared
>and treated her, I know she would be alive to day.
>I was in the shower to day and burst out in tears, and asked her "Why
>mon did you not go the drs, after 26 years!" Oh well, I will make it,
>Karla thank you so much for trying to ease the pain we are going through
>with my father in law, my husband is in such a state, we went to take
>them dinner last night, and he slept almost the whole time, and he was a
>VERY active man, hunted, fished, camped every wekewnd, took care of his
>4 beagles in the back yard, and never stopped, now I cannot belive what
>2 months has done.
>His MRI is tomorrow morning, and we will probably know his alot more
>then, thanks Karla, for caring, we all will get through this I hope!

Toni, I am fairly new to this board and am finding it to be very helpfull. I have read several of your posts and I feel for you. I 2 know about loosing family members and whats it is like to watch them go down hill.My mother took sick when I was 5 ( brain anerisim) and laid in a coma blind, deaf, paralysed, and mute. She stayed this way for 14 years. I have some sad memories and some happy ones. I can remember the day my Father came home and explained to us mom was never coming home. I can even tell what clothes I was wearing and also my sisters. My dads Mom helped raise us kids and she passed away when I wasnt ready to let go. I have terrible times around the dates of thier deaths and thier B_Days. What I have found to help cope with this is I sit back and pray. I realize that my Loss is Gods gain. They are both up in heaven and I strongly believe that they are watching over me and my family. I try to remember the good times that we shared and thier warm hugs. The pain of loosing them and watching thier bodys go through so much and in my Grandmothers case so fast and unexpected is still with me and will always remain but I try real hard just to stay focused on what we shared. Remember even though she is gone her love for you is till there. My heart goes out to you and your family. I will say a special prayer for you and your father in law.


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