Re: Aggravated

Sun Mar 12 12:13:45 2000

Susan, I don't know much about gallbladder problems, except my 77 year old Mom had hers removed two years ago laparascopically and has had not one problem. I hope yours goes this well. I think you are taking the right approach trying to go with the scope way of surgery and then if all else fails go for the cut. We all know, that the cut means more adhesions, more pain and they spread further because the least invasive the surgery the better. I also have an internist who I think is full of it. After 8 adhesion surgeries he thinks my problems might be something else and wanted to do 12 tests o me that would take almost 4 weeks and were horrifying. I said bye-bye. I am scheduled for surgery myself in California on 4/10 so we are almost on the same path. This is my ninth. Who are your doctors in Atlanta? I wish you all the best in your surgery and will be praying that we both do well! Remember, to get all your questions together (write them down if need be) and ask them before your surgery. You seem like you have done some research into this and know what is right for you. All my best wishes and be strong! Ginni

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