From: Susan (
Sat Mar 11 06:42:42 2000

I had TAH,BSo,appendectomy 5/26/99.Since surgery I have had lumpy feeling under right rib,real bloated,constipated and you know all the feelings.According to Dr, who did surgery no Endo,just adhesions on female parts and appendix from C-section,tubal ligation 22 years ago.I am scheduled for a Lap on 4/7 with 2 Drs.who are in Atlanta.First I will have an ENdoscope,possible gallbladder removal as the lst Dr.said my gallbladder is borderline functioning(38 on scan)Then if lots of adhesions 2nd Dr, will step in and do his parts.Both of these DRS, are expert in their field and neither one does Laparatomies.THis is my dilemma.My Internist told me I was crazy,that I would be worse after the surgery.Both at having gallbladder out and adhesions removed.Now do I want to sit here and wait for a gallbladder attack and have to have surgery just anywhere or a bowel obstruction and have to be cut wide open.Why would my Internist not know that this might happen?He said 38 on a Hiata scan was functioning.WHo out there has had trouble after having gallbladder removed Lap?I don't think I have ever heard anybody having that much trouble after having a gallbladder out.As for the adhesions I know more will form but this Dr, is an Endo specialist and an expert in his field.How does my Internist know I want be better?He only offered me RX for acid refux which I think is the last thing I could have.Some indigestion but not when I lay down and I hardly ever burb.Please someone out there give me some suggestions.Thanks.Susan

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