Re: chest pain-Toni / Helen - Alice

From: Karen Kaplan (
Fri Mar 10 20:21:58 2000

Karla: In all fairness to doctors who actually listen and don't judge their patients (mostly NOT gynecologists it seems), they do try. It's so complex, the human body.

But in these days of managed care, maybe you should replace Hippocratic with Hypocritic Oath.

Long day, Karen

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> Hallelejuia (sp), Karen! It certainly sounds as if WE know more than some
of > these "drs" (quacks) out there w/practices, doesn't it? But we're not
doing > anything wrong, just sharing our own experiences & trying to help others.
> Which is what people who become drs are SUPPOSED to do! Hypocratic Oath &
> all. Karla B.

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