Re: Karla N.

From: toni welsh (
Fri Mar 10 19:52:17 2000

At Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Bernie and Beverly Doucette wrote: >
>I am sorry to respond that I cannot offer much at this time...once I can, I
>will share news on Karla...sorry, but you know confidentiality is a must and
>until Karla gives that permission, not much I can share, other then to ask
>for prayers for her.
>Also, my condolences on your father-in -law, Toni, may God walk with you now
>more then ever!
>In friendship Bev

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Bev, I understand, I just hope she is doing okaY I guess we just worry about each other. Thank you so much for thinking about my father in law, I have already lost a parent $ years ago, in the springtime, mom, I sure do hope I am going to hold my husband up through this.

They are finally doing another MRI, now they should be actually able to tell us it is in his brain, you can almost answer that yourself, his mind is getting so bad!

I am going to try to go to an auction if I can, my husband is working over 60 hours this week, but the overtime is nice, but I miss him, I have been home all week, I need to get out tomorrow. I know alot of the people who go so I should try to make it.


>> At Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Bernie and Beverly Doucette wrote:
>> >
>> >Hello Karan..
>> >I am responding on your personal e-mail address..ok?
>> >
>> >Bev

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>> > From: Karen Kaplan
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>> >
>> > Bev:
>> > How is Karla N? Is she still in the hospital?
>> > ;.Karen
>> Hi, I too have been wondering about her, Karla N, I feel bad not even
>> asking here about her, but the way things are here, and my father in law
>> keeps getting worse, I hope you will let us all know how she is doing.
>> Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own troubles we forget!
>> I really hope she is alright! She had benn through so much!
>> Toni

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