Re: chest pain

Fri Mar 10 00:49:49 2000

Alice: At first I thought it was the adhesions causing my chest pain & tenderness to the touch in my back & ribs. But, my new dr informed me that I have fiubromyalgia. There are trigger points for fibro that run from your neck all the way to you feet. And, yes, numbness in your llimbs while having pain in the shoulder blade area is common for this condition, I'm told. Just learning about it myself, & how to recognize the difference in how the pains feel. Ask your dr re this. I'm just sharing what I went/& am going thru with you. Hope it helps. Blessed Be. Karla B.

Oh, also have you been checked for hiatal hernia? That can cause pain that is so near the chest you might thing that's where it originates. GOOD LUCK!!

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