Re: chest pain

From: Tara S (
Fri Mar 10 00:52:30 2000

Still sounds an awful lot like what I had a year ago. That was attributed to an inflammation of the peritoneum. Not that they did anything besides take a couple of X-rays before coming up with that.

After a couple of months it went away, with alot of Advil (for the inflammation - like everything else, it does nothing for pain for me), and no lifting, no reaching over my head, etc. It still bothers me sometimes, though, and I then reach for the Advil again before it gets too bad.

Sound familiar to anyone?


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I have had alot of pain and burning in the same areas as you, but I was contributing mine to smoking, that is why I went on Wellbutrin again. I am wondering the same thing as you if it has anything too do with adhesions.

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