Re: chest pain

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Mar 8 19:44:21 2000

What are the names of all of the medications you are taking? What drug was prescribed for GERD?

You are probably aware that some medications need to be taken with food or milk.

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At Wed, 8 Mar 2000, floyd and alice long wrote: >
>Hi, I'm having alot of pain in my chest. I've had a ecko/treadmill
>test, ekg, blood work nothing wrong with my heart. I've just had xrays
>done of my neck, back. nothing wrong with xrays. I also had a ultra
>sound 9 months ago on my liver/gallblader liver was enlarged found i am
>a diobetic. Gallblader should it was ok. have taken meds for Gerd meds
>don't change the pain. Can adhesions cause chest pain. I feel the pain
>between my shoulder blades it goes to the front of my chest into my left
>arm. the musle in the middle of my back burns and hurts. you push on
>any part of my rib cage area front or back it hurts.Even my breast are
>my ribs cramp up. I know I have adhesions in my lower back probable
>attached to bowl again. pain in right leg, hips etc. but I have never
>had this much pain in upper part of my chest. I'm trying to get a
>referrel out side the network to see a Dr. Sims insurance in draging
>there feet. Has anyone every experienced this kind of problem from
>adhesions. Please, Please, I beg of you to help me. This is so crazy.
>Thanks for reading! Alice Long Tulsa, Ok

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