Re: chest pain -Helen

From: floyd and alice long (
Wed Mar 8 20:10:50 2000

Helen Dynda wrote: >
> What are the names of all of the medications you are taking? What drug
> was prescribed for GERD?
> You are probably aware that some medications need to be taken with food
> or milk.
> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
> At Wed, 8 Mar 2000, floyd and alice long wrote:
> >
> >Hi, I'm having alot of pain in my chest. I've had a ecko/treadmill
> >test, ekg, blood work nothing wrong with my heart. I've just had xrays
> >done of my neck, back. nothing wrong with xrays. I also had a ultra
> >sound 9 months ago on my liver/gallblader liver was enlarged found i am
> >a diobetic. Gallblader should it was ok. have taken meds for Gerd meds
> >don't change the pain. Can adhesions cause chest pain. I feel the pain
> >between my shoulder blades it goes to the front of my chest into my left
> >arm. the musle in the middle of my back burns and hurts. you push on
> >any part of my rib cage area front or back it hurts.Even my breast are
> >sore.
> >my ribs cramp up. I know I have adhesions in my lower back probable
> >attached to bowl again. pain in right leg, hips etc. but I have never
> >had this much pain in upper part of my chest. I'm trying to get a
> >referrel out side the network to see a Dr. Sims insurance in draging
> >there feet. Has anyone every experienced this kind of problem from
> >adhesions. Please, Please, I beg of you to help me. This is so crazy.
> >Thanks for reading! Alice Long Tulsa, Ok

HI, Helen You are very quick to respond. Thanks. I've tryed prevacid. for gerd I'm taking for pain Hydroco/apap10-500mg tab always with food. Naproxen ec 500mg tab always with a big meal. When I'm at work I take 1/2 pill of hydroco. I work with children and parents in a public school. I'm a parent facilitator. New program to incourage parent involvement in our schools. I also can take Propo-N/apap100-650 during day while at work but it doesnt help much so now i just take the Hydroco. I've also have been prescibed Alprazolam .5mg tab. I tryed didnt like how it made me feel. didn't change the pain. Don't feel like this is of any help so I don't take it anymore. I Take glucophage 500 mg tabs and Premarin had total hstorectome a year and half ago because of adhesions. I also take vitamin e when i think about it. Thanks for caring!!! Alice

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