Re: Quality of Life

Wed Mar 8 11:25:15 2000

If you can get proof of what they felt (meaning if they had known about your "condition" they would not have hired you), you have grounds for a lawsuit citing your handicap. They legally cannot do that.

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> Dana: My "quality of life" is extremely low. I don't like to go out in
> public on bad days. I feel VERY self-consceintious (sp); like everybody
> is
> wondering whats wrong w/her? If I do things around the house (laundry,
> vacuuming, dusting,.etc.) it leaves me so tired & achy I don't want to
> move
> at all. And, yes, there are days the pain can last 4 to 5 days (or
> longer).
> I;ve lost three jobs since Aug. 98 due to my physical/emoptional problems.
> I've even hjad an employer accuse me of holding back info re my pain, &
> that
> if they'd known, thye wouldn't have given me the position. So, of course,
> I'm depressed (to the max), feel useless & UNWANTED by employers. As they
> say; "Between a rock & a hard place." I think that sums it up in a
> nutshell.
> Karla B.

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