Re: gas pain

From: karen kaplan (
Tue Mar 7 16:48:13 2000

Hi Karla: Have you tried Mylicon for your gas? It's for infants and OTC. When I was in agony from post-op gas pain - definitely my intestines - my now former gyn suggested this and it really worked. and it's so gentle - for babies!


>Toni, DON'T GIVE UP!!! Please!! I've been living with this problem for

>quite some years now. My last surgery was in Nov. '94. The drs knew the

>adhesion were back & so did I. But I made up my mind to try & live with it.

>I went back to work (ha,ha) & have lost 3 jobs, but there was one tjob hat

>didn't jump allover me re the pain & how it makes you look (pale & drawn,

>etc.) Somedays I felt like Quasimodo looking for his bell tower. They knew

>I was in pain, they knew why. So don't give up!
>It's hard, VERY HARD, to live this this but I WILL NOT let surgeons go in

>again until I'm a complete basket case. I just have to take the pain meds
& >my muscle relaxers daily. I've come to grips w/that. And the meds for the

>depression & anxiety. They've also started me on Levbid 0.375 mg.
>(Hyosscyamine: generic name) for gass pain & bloating due to IBS & spactic

>colon. I take that twice/day when the bloating gets too painful, she doesn't

>want me to just take it daily. She explained, when I told her I had Phazyme

>@ home, that any over the counter gas remedy work only on the upper gas, not

>intestinal gas. The Levbid does! Now if I can only get her to realize that

>EVERYDAY is an adventure in pain; that the bloating is there everyday, the

>pain is there everyday, the gas is there everyday.
>I don't believe that the drs can help me @ this point; they can only make it

>worse. I do worry re finding a job I can live on. Thinking re having a
>home-based business. That way I can lay down any time I want & I won't have

>to worry about what other people are thinking of me. "When a door is closed

>on you, God opens a window."
>But He works in His time, not in ours. I going to wait to find that
>Blessed Be, Toni
>Karla B.

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