Re: hydrocodone for pain?

Tue Mar 7 16:44:00 2000

Martha: I'm at the point where nothing short of an opiate pain pill is the only thing that works, & at that, not all the time. I've been on Darvocet, Fiorocat, Trazadone for pain.. The worst side-effect of all of these is constipation (which none of us needs),but the alternative is not acceptable! I just take Senokot-S (w/stool softener) to keep up what little BMs I have. I've had absolutely NO relief from analgesic drugs (Motrin, Alever, Advil), they're just a waste of my money. They've also had me on Ponstel, Naproxyn & others I cannot remember now. I've never heard if hydrocodone before. Could you post what king of drug class it's in & how many mg.s/day you take to alleviate your pain. Thanx!

Karla B.

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