Re: just lonely & smoking

Tue Mar 7 16:57:40 2000

Karen: I know how you feel re the smoking. I had cut back considerably, 2 packs/week. Now if 1 pack lasts 24 hrs. I'm doing good. Right now I, too, am feeling lonely & definitely a chimney! Lots of pain today, both physical & emotional. Just trying to hang in there.

Here's a tip I learned in Day Treatment: When thinking negative thought or hearing something negative, they said to "hit the eject button". Even id you have to say it out loud (& I do, I get all kinds of looks but oh well). I've found that thisd technique actually works. I just "eject" the negative. I've ejected quite a few time today & have used the "eject" evedr since my relaxation group. Try it, can't hurt, right?

Toni: Where are you located? You've probably told me before, but my memory isn't what it used to be.

Your Friend in NY, Karla B.

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