Re: Quality of Life

Tue Mar 7 12:44:10 2000

I believe Karen has hit the nail on the head! adhesions ARE drs "little dirty secret". If you needed living proof other than Karen, I'm being sent back to a chronic pain cliniv, AGAIN. New dr & she want s to start from scratch. I was in the pain clinic 2 weeks; it's supposed to be 4 week program: ALL day, from 9 am to 3 pm ( but they do/did provide beds in a room for each individual. This is the reason they shortened my stay there: I had good range of motion (this was 7 years ago); my muscle tone was okay, I wasn't over weight, & I could do stairs. I don't HAS been 7 years & I'm sure there's something new that might work for me. Who knows!

But, don't be hasty, especially if you like this dr to enough keep as a Family Practitioner. Drs. ego's bruise quite easily I've found. (HA,HA!)

Keep the Faith, Karla B.

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