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From: Karen Kaplan (
Mon Mar 6 19:08:44 2000

Hi Toni: I quit for almost 3 years. I was house hunting in Westchester county in March, 1998 & the stress got to me. Median house price back then was $345,000! now it's higher - we have all these Wall Street millionaires (and soon to be former First Ladies) bidding up prices.

the patch really does work as long as you are motivated. I know what you mean about the anesthesia, but last year, I was taking Welbutrin and hardly smoked, so I didn't need oxygen after the surgery. Of course, they had me so drugged that I was having shallow breathing, but that is another story.

Good luck karen

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> Hi Karen,
> Thank you for your post, I am going to use the patch too,I am so tired
> of this addiction, I want to quit so bad. I told my husband I will not
> go under anesthisia(sp), until I am off smoking. The last two times I
> was on oxygen for days, when I operated on years ago, I was off the
> oxygen right out of recovery room. I know my lungs could not take it
> now.
> I hope this works for me, how long did you quit for?
> Take care Karen,
> Toni

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