Re: is everybody okay?

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Fri Mar 3 10:05:22 2000

Well, I haven't been keeping up with any of my groups very well lately as I'm getting ready for surgery on March 22 (sinus this time, instead of pelvic), and still dealing with a lot of fatigue and depression. This will be surgery #3 in ten months. Or course, he wanted to do it last year, but the two pelvic surgeries were enough for one year for me. But I do try to read most of the notes, even if I don't respond, and keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

Sue Ann

>Just a check to see if you are all okay! I am alone tonight and there is
>not alot of people here. I hope you are all okaY I was wondering too if
>anyone has tried the new over the counter med, for IBS, called
>Equalactin? The druggist told me about it today, and is going to order
>it for me, but I was going to check first with my dr. She said it is
>probaly safer than senekot all the time.

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