Re: Bowel Problems & Stupid Doctors

Fri Mar 3 13:12:25 2000

Robyne: I've only had one bowel resection, but I believe I've had numerous small bowel obstructions, or as I call them "being compacted". At tghese times I just work as hard as humanly possible to make the bowel move no matter how many days it takes. Now, my inquiry is: I actually had a dr (who I no longer see) who said I should walk 10 mi./wk., do all the stairs I could, go & work out in a gym on top of working 40 hr./wk. Even w/my adhesion background & other maladies, he said "I'm 65, if I can do you should be able to. You're too young to go around "acting" like an 80 yr. old woman. Stop feeling sorry for myself, blah, blah, blah. By this point I'd been totally crushed, holding back tears (& swears!), just wanted out of that office!! Now I know he was a quack & not a worthy, even by other drs standards (not that they's come right out & say anything, but the innuendo was there), so I went to a new dr., my moms' dr whom she like very much. And the beat goes on...

I have distension of my abdomen most of the week, every week. I've had women come up to me & ask "how far along I was" (there's another question that blows your mind, ya know?). I have to hold on to myself just going over bumps in the car & forget buses, might as well be in a tank! And definitely NO off road ba-ha-ing any more for me. Thought it was gonna kill me! I've bent your ear enough, Robyne, THANX!

By the way, how's the weather where you are down under? It's freezing here in NY, upstate NY. Right now it's 33 degrees w/a windchill of 11, & the wind hasn't stopped blowing that I know of. OUCH!!

Bundled Up to the Max in NY. In Friendship, Karla B.

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