Re: is everybody okay?

Fri Mar 3 08:55:22 2000

Toni, let me know how it works for you because lately, even Senekot is starting to make me so sick I can barely stand it! I sweat, feel faint, and the cramps are almost unbearable!!! After all of that, very little comes out! I was given Lactulose (sp?) after my first bowel resection and that stuff use to make me throw up. There are just some tastes that I just cannot keep down. I am hoping that this stuff is tasteless; I still haven't tried the mineral oil yet, I'm not procrastinating, I just haven't had the time to go anywhere but work and back but I AM getting it this weekend because I MUST GO!!!!!! Let us know all about it.

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> Subject: is everybody okay?
> Just a check to see if you are all okay! I am alone tonight and there is
> not alot of people here. I hope you are all okaY I was wondering too if
> anyone has tried the new over the counter med, for IBS, called
> Equalactin? The druggist told me about it today, and is going to order
> it for me, but I was going to check first with my dr. She said it is
> probaly safer than senekot all the time.
> Toni

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