Re: is everybody okay?

From: Karen Kaplan (
Thu Mar 2 18:50:54 2000

Toni - thanks for reaching out - i feel better just getting your note. don't know anything about equalactin, but i have been so worried by your emails. i stopped sennakot-s because i was worried about the longterm effect. found a stool softener alone worked as well, but it still weeks of discomfort to get things moving well enough. your symptoms sound troubling after reading about bowel obstructions.

you are never alone. karen

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From: toni welsh <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2000 7:47 PM Subject: is everybody okay?

> Just a check to see if you are all okay! I am alone tonight and there is
> not alot of people here. I hope you are all okaY I was wondering too if
> anyone has tried the new over the counter med, for IBS, called
> Equalactin? The druggist told me about it today, and is going to order
> it for me, but I was going to check first with my dr. She said it is
> probaly safer than senekot all the time.
> Toni

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