Re: Dana

From: kay (
Thu Mar 2 07:16:08 2000

Hi Dana! You had asked about how often the adhesion pain presented itself. For myself, usually it starts after I have had a bowel movement with cramping, low back ache, bloating, aching, burning, irritated type feeling on my insides as if I have acid flowing around my bowels. This also affects my bladder with the sensation of pressure and the need to go to the bathroom..very achey to the point I have to lay down and take a pain pill. Some days the pain is not too bad and I can do things. But I too dread the bowels moving. In regard to your surgeon, I would advise that you go the receptionist at the surgeon's office and request a copy of your surgical report and pathological report for your personal records. You have a right to these reports. They are yours! Get them and read for yourself before you talk to your surgeon...the report might answer some of your questions.


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