From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Thu Mar 2 08:03:31 2000

These are the same feelings I have, like you said the days I have taken a laxative, the feelings you have as far as pain are the same, I have a problem trying to express this. You did it! And on top of that I have a GI dr who does NOT listen to me. I am sick and tired of that!

Yesterday I was out shopping and taking care of my handicapped sister, I have to help dad whith her since mom died, and I had taken senekot and colace the night before, and could not go, alot of pressure, and after a suppository, I went, up after 6 hours while driving from stroe to stroe with her , I had to get home nearly in tears, and then it was alot of mucous and loose stool. The rest of the night that is how the bowels felt(acid) could never find the word, and CRAMPING!

We do get tired of this. Today it is just the tearing and pulling! Trying to live with that !


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