Re: New to the Board

From: Robyne Hinks (
Tue Jan 25 00:27:36 2000

Teus 25 January 2000 Hi Ginni I understand perfectly how you feel.I have had several gut obstructions and now I too suffer whenever I eat or drink.They say that my bowel is being held rigid with adhesions plus I have two more hernias.The pain at times makes me want to pass out.I think I now know how babys feel when they have colic.A good way to help with some of the pain is to float belly down in a hot tub while hubby or someone massages your back with essential oils.Another way is not to lay flat in bed but use your recliner.I have shifted my recliner next to my husbands side of the bed so I feel close to him.I am going in for laroscopic surgery in a couple of months and in the mean time I go to pain management. They have me on morphine and amitriptyline.I know it is very addictive but I really dont care at the moment.I have also found that keeping your mind very busy helps.I put on classical music and try to distinguish what instruments are playing and what the conductor is doing.I know that sounds stupid but it really does work and you are also soothed by the lovely music.Another thing tha thas helped me is taking peppermint oil capsules about four times a day. >

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