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From: Ginni Ficarra (
Tue Jan 25 19:21:44 2000

At Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Robyne Hinks wrote: >
>Teus 25 January 2000
>Hi Ginni I understand perfectly how you feel.I have had several gut
>obstructions and now I too suffer whenever I eat or drink.They say that
>my bowel is being held rigid with adhesions plus I have Robyne,
Thanks for the tips. I have tried the hot tub but not floating on my stomach. I wil try it! I live with my heating pad. I don't know what I would do without it as most of the time I am too nausaus to think about taking my pain medicine. I also know the pain when you fell like you are goig to pass out. I have laid on the bathroom floor many a night, not wanting to wake my husband and complain when he can't do a damn thing to help. So frustrating. I have reached my breaking point and have to do the surgery. I suffered for three months now and have lost too much weight, much more and I won't be strong enough to have the surgery. Thanks for the kind thoughts and I send them right back at you. two more >hernias.The pain at times makes me want to pass out.I think I now know
>how babys feel when they have colic.A good way to help with some of the
>pain is to float belly down in a hot tub while hubby or someone massages
>your back with essential oils.Another way is not to lay flat in bed but
>use your recliner.I have shifted my recliner next to my husbands side of
>the bed so I feel close to him.I am going in for laroscopic surgery in a
>couple of months and in the mean time I go to pain management. They
>have me on morphine and amitriptyline.I know it is very addictive but I
>really dont care at the moment.I have also found that keeping your mind
>very busy helps.I put on classical music and try to distinguish what
>instruments are playing and what the conductor is doing.I know that
>sounds stupid but it really does work and you are also soothed by the
>lovely music.Another thing tha thas helped me is taking peppermint oil
>capsules about four times a day.


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