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Mon Jan 24 23:20:49 2000

Hi Ginni, I feel so bad about your situation. After my first surgery I was in so much pain from both a trapped nerve and adhesions, both of which were getting worse by the day as the suture sight healed. I was a terrible mother. I cried most of the time and yelled at anyone who bumped into me or my chair. I could not cook one meal for 4 months. I felt so sorry for my kids. I still have both complications but fortunately the nerve is better now since the surgeon scraped off a mass of nerves from the suture sight. My pain meds cover the pain now and I am a wonderful mother again to my 3 sons. I wish you could try the Intergel on your next surgery. I am flying to Germany to try it. I will pray for those little children to get their mom back and I'll keep you posted on my surgery in March. With love, Joanne

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> Hi! I am a 41 year old woman who is currently lookig at the prospect of
> my ninth surgery. I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago and have had
> adhesion related problems ever since. Because they involve the bowel
> and cause obstructions it gets to the point where there is no
> alternative to surgery. My last two surgeries were done at Stanford
> University by a wonderful surgeon. He used the Interceed Barrier and
> told me after the last surgery that I had 40% less adhesions than the
> surgery before. This filled me with hope. Maybe this time I would
> develop 40% less again and be able to live with it. But one and a half
> years later, here I am. In terrible pain all the time, constantly
> nauseas, unable to eat due to bloating, swelling and vomiting, right
> where I was to begin with. Will this never end? Financially, I am
> unable to get back to California for another surgery but have found a
> doctor in Palm Beach I am checking out. I have lost 20 pounds in the
> last month and am living on Ensure, Instant Breakfasts and vitamins. I
> have a wonderful GP, who is honest and really doesn't know what else to
> do. I have two wonderful adopted little boys who want their Mom back
> and I feel I am missing so much of their lives being sick. It was so
> wonderful to find this site and feel like I was not alone, but at the
> same time, terrifying to really hear that there is not the magic cure I
> was hoping to find. If anyone knows of any doctors in the South Florida
> area that understands adhesions, please let me know. Thanks for
> listening.
> --
> Ginni

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