From: Jaynie Jarvis (
Sun Jan 23 12:19:10 2000

ON THE 25TH, TUES. I AM HAVING P.T.ON MY PELVIC WALL MUSCLES. I will let you know ow it goes. And if it works she must have a book that says who else does it all over the country. I have posted about this not to long ago if you want to know more I wrote some of the brochure on it. She will be going in my vagina and possible in my anus. Still better than surgery. And Dr. Barbara Levy referred me to her. She is a member of Dr. Riechs' Group. Suppose to be painless. I doubt that. I am a massage therapist and I believe massage should be a part of all our treatment plans.If only for touch. We all need touch and if your like me not much touching going on around here. It would be nice to get a respones to my posts. Sometimes I feel invisable on this forum. Poor Me syndrome !!! God Bless You All Jaynie

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