Re: Massage physical therapy for adhesions?.....Is this helpful for adhesions?

From: Kimmi (
Sat Jan 22 22:40:18 2000

Helen, I have had massage therapy,PT ect for all my problems. They didn't help too much. But I had a treatment called Myofascial/Viseral Mobilazation done which is like an advanced PT,they use this special motion of massaging and it made for patients who have adhesions/FM and other connective tissue problems. This did feel great unfortunately its not covered by many insurances or only part of it is covered. For me out of my pocket was 30 dollars per session but I had to have an average 3 session a week. 4 would be better and this was between 90-120 per week something I cannot afford even if it made me feel better. So Yes if you find a qualified massage therapist.PT PLUS physotherapist is the other one or something of that nature would have to look up the information but I do have information on this treatment..Take care Kimmi

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