From: Dr. David Wiseman (
Wed Jan 12 16:21:02 2000

Dear All I am sending you this message via the message board becuase I don't have my computer to send you this personally by email. I have just come out of the FDA panel meeting on INTERGEL. It was recommended that the product NOT be approved. This means that it will not be available any time soon. There are many reasons for the panel's decisionn which are too length to discuss here. A press release is copied below. Nonetheless I will give a fuller account about this in the next week or so. This dissapoiting news heightens the urgency for us to hget on with our activities of the Intrenational Adheisons Society especially our metings in the Philadelphia on Jan 26 and in San Fran on Feb 29(?) More news to follow. Regards Dr. David Wiseman

FDA panel rejects LifeCore's surgical adhesion gel

ROCKVILLE, Md. Jan 12 (Reuters) - A federal advisory panel Wednesday rejected LifeCore Biomedical Inc.'s (NasdaqNM:LCBM - news) Intergel, a product designed to reduce internal scarring after gynecological surgery.

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted 5 to 2 to recommend that the agency turn down LifeCore's application to sell the product in the United States. Panelmembers said they were not convinced that LifeCore's studies showed Intergel provided a meaningful benefit.

``From a clinical standpoint, I think we're hard pressed to say this device makes a difference,'' said panel member Dr. Barbara Levy of Yale University School of Medicine.

Intergel is viewed as a key product for LifeCore's future growth, company officials and analysts have said. Intergel was designed to reduce the incidence and severity of post-surgical internal scars, which can be painful and cause problems years later.

The FDA usually follows its panels' advice.

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