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From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Fri Jan 21 11:12:05 2000

I received this letter from an ARD sister - and decided to share it with all of you. This lady has tried surgery, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drug treatment, one of the best surgeons in the United States - and now she is considering another surgery.

Why am I sharing this story with you? Because I felt that she had learned some very good lessons in her attempt to get rid of her adhesions. She learned: that physical therapy didn't work, that anti-inflammatory drugs didn't work, that "with each surgery the adhesions were growing back worse." She asked the head of surgery if her surgery could be done laparoscopically; and the surgeon said "it was impossible".

Finally she started to do research (and I hope that after reading her story, readers of her story will do the same). She was able to learn the name of a surgeon, who specializes in surgery for endometriosis and adhesions - and does this laparoscopically!!! She said, "This doctor saved my life." She was able to get a copy of the video of her surgery so that she could see for herself the effect of adhesions within her body. (Thanks to Beverly, I have been able to view some very severe cases of adhesions!! I watched two videos as Dr. Reich very carefully "took down" adhesions which were attached to the intestines. Plus he very meticulously cleaned up the surgical site as he was doing the surgery - and then again just before the surgical had been completed. Dr. Reich believes that any blood left in the body cavity will cause organs in the body to stick to one another - thus forming adhesions!!!

After some time this lady began to experience pain again. She had another surgical procedure done - at which time the same specialist noted that she had 40-50 % less adhesions. Her surgeon told her that a couple more surgeries may be necessary.

The point I want to make here is: if you are suffering from adhesions, seek out the best surgeon you can find - a surgeon who specializes and is very experienced in doing difficult adhesion surgeries! These adhesions specialists have received advanced training in laparoscopic microsurgical techniques. With each surgical procedure they strive to look for ways to improve their technique - so that their patients will benefit from their surgical skills.

Unfortunately, adhesions are the way the body attempts to heal itself. The body is in control of the healing - and with a surgeon who dedicates his surgical expertise to dealing with adhesions, you will have the best outcome following surgery.


1.) " I have tried things that others who have written to you may not have. I had to have a hysterectomy at age 21 due to cysts and severe endometriosis. Because of my age they didn't want to put me on the hormones so they left in one tube and ovary.

2.) " Two years later I had emergency surgery because I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit that twisted on the ovary and almost died. They still left in a small piece of ovary so that I didn't have to go on the hormones.

3.) " Six months later I was having severe pain and they removed the rest of the ovary that was now covered with cysts they described as like a cluster of grapes.

4.) " I felt great for five years and then starting experiencing severe pelvic pain to the point of not being able to move around. I went to " a well known hospital in her state"; and they diagnosed adhesions and removed the adhesions.

5.) " Felt good for five more years and then while on vacation became severely ill and was found to have a total intestinal blockage and again had surgery.

6.) * Two years later, again the severe pain came back along with constant nausea and vomiting. I lost 30 pounds over the 2 month period and had to have surgery again for small bowel blockage. This surgeon explained to me that with each surgery the adhesions were growing back worse.

7.) * One year later I was having the same symptoms and tried physical therapy (I had been told this can sometimes help) which was very painful and after 3 months and not feeling better I gave it up.

8.) " I tried anti-inflammatory drug treatment (about 10 kinds) and everything I could find to not have surgery again but ended up in the emergency room again with a blockage and no choice.

9.) " Finally, I started doing research. The pain never really went away after the last surgery and got progressively worse. I went to a "well known hospital in her state" and asked the head of surgery if there was any way this surgery could be done laparoscopically and he said it was impossible.

10.) "Then my sister met someone who had had adhesions and told her she had them removed by a ob/gyn that did it laprascopically. I went to see him immediately. I was very ill by this time and weighed about 105 (I am 5'8) and had been living primarily on liquid diet. He agreed that the surgery could be done in this manner and because they did not cut - and used only lasers instead of a knife, the re-growth of the adhesions would be dramatically lessened. He said my case was too severe for him and sent me to a famous doctor in the United States. This doctor saved my life, I feel. I flew out to see him and he took my case. I had the surgery and was amazed. The recovery time was about three weeks. Three days after surgery I was flying home. It was amazing. And I had a video of the surgery from the inside! I could see for my self how the severe adhesions had wrapped their way around my intestines and actually taken my stomach and twisted it upside down to the abdominal wall. My bowel was twisted and kinked and also hooked up together to the abdominal wall. It was amazing to see what you look like inside, but also quite overwhelming to see the damage adhesions cause. He also inserted the Interceed barrier.

11.) " I felt great for two years, then the pain and nausea returned. I went back for a second surgery. When they went in they found 40 to 50% less adhesions! It was amazing. A ray of hope at last. My left side was almost all clean of them. He explained to me that I may need to have one or possibly two more surgeries, but these less invasive surgeries are not so scary and I feel that there is a ray of hope that with each one they will find less and less re-growth until it stays at a level I can live with.

12.) " Now it is one and a half years later and I am going through the same thing. The pain is horrendous although it is primarily only on my right side this time, but I have had a blockage already and have been advised to stay on a liquid diet as some times these blockages can be worked through and then you can go on to a better diet. I have an appointment with a surgeon in two weeks for consultation for surgery as I have already lost 15 pounds so far this month."

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