Re: Adhesions - which attach bowel to liver

From: JBrown (
Mon Jan 17 13:42:26 2000

Hello Helen, I have adhesions that have attached to my small bowel and are causing partial small bowel blockages on a regular basis. (once every 2 weeks). I had surgery (laparotomy, not laparoscopy) to remove them in October, I was good for 6 weeks. Dec 6, the blockages started again and I have had 4 occurances since then. We are not sure if the adhesions are close to the liver or not as my surgeon did not want to go near the liver because of the re-routing of the bile into the small intestine. I am considering surgery again as I cannot tolerate being sick this often. Hope this is of help to your lady. Jane Brown

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From: Helen Dynda <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Monday, January 17, 2000 1:48 PM Subject: Adhesions - which attach bowel to liver

> Have you had or do you have adhesions which have attached your liver to
> your bowels?
> Have you had surgery to release these adhesions? If so, was this surgery
> successful? If so, please share your experience here.
> I am asking these questions in behalf of a lady who has written to me
> about her experience with this kind of adhesion problem.

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