Re: Fibromyalgia vs. Adhesions

From: Gina (
Thu Jan 13 09:13:37 2000

Hi Kimmi, I found out today that I have 16 of the 18 Fibromyalgia tender points, so I am finally ready to accept that diagnosis as one source of my chronic pain. I wasn't going to accept it from my doctor til the right tests were done, which was today. He is treating me with a new Nsaid and Ultram for pain. He also says they use tricyclic antidepressants which I can't take because they also cause constipation :( But maybe someday! I am also using massage once a week and hope to start water aerobics soon as well.

He isn't addressing my pain with sex suspected adhesion problem though, probably because he is against me having any more surgery. I don't blame him--I am still a mess from my last 2 surgeries this summer! And I also know surgery is not a cure. Not until there's a cure for adhesions anyway. But I am only 36 and married just over a year--it is hard to accept the loss of a once wonderful sex life at such a young age, without trying to do something. It is a challenge I know, for my doctor and for me. Hoping something happens to change this.


At Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Kimmi wrote: > >Gina >Hi The best doctors to see about Fibromyalgia are Rheumatologist. >Bones/Joints. Many doctors treat FM, Finding a doctor to listen to you >is the most important thing. There are referrals from FM groups, >Arthritis Foundation that can maybe give you some names of good doctors >in your area. >You nailed it right on the nose about doctors wanting to lump all >problems together, I still fight this battle all the time and it drives >me insane. There is no one treatment to fix every problem and doctors >of all people should know this and they don't. >Hugs hope you find some help soon >Kimmi

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