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From: toni welsh (
Thu Jan 13 18:56:58 2000

Hello, I live in cincinnati, ohio. I hope you guys understand what I was saying. The drs here in cinti I have yet to find a general surgeon who thinks adhesions cause pain, and when that came on the news that night I was hoping some of these jerky drs were listening to it.

I have not been on for awhile, so I did go back to my old GI dr, and that was because my gyn said he felt he was better, he is my sons dr, he has crohns disease, and he may be good for hi,. but he told me and my husband that is a very hot topic in the medical professio, and he said that 50% of the medical profession do not belive adhesions cause pai. I told my husband the night that aired on tv, I hope he sees this, because has long as I have suffered and things getting NO better, I believe that adhesions cause pain.

The dr on that night had talkrd that it causes sometime lifetime chronic pain, and adhesions are the number one cause for intestinal obstruction. So as time goes on MAYBE more drs will understand this.,

Right now all I feel like I have is my gyn, even the pain clinic is just now writing my RX's, and that is about it.

They even had made a remark when she got upset with gyn cause one of there drs I never saw before had came in and said oh why don't you just stop it all and take it when you need it.

Her works were "Toni you are going to have to accept it"

love to all, toni

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