Re: Massage physical therapy for adhesions?.....Is this helpful for adhesions?

From: Gina (
Thu Jan 13 09:04:40 2000

Hi, I recently started getting a weekly 1 hour deep massage, and it has helped alot with my lower back pains. I no longer get the shooting-down-the-legs pains and such. I was also diagnosed today with fibromyalgia--what I had thought was adhesions in some areas, turns out to be FMS instead. I am still convinced I have adhesions in my vaginal/pelvic area again since I have alot of pain and flare ups with sex only lately, but for the other pain, massage has helped ALOT! Besides that, it does feel very good and can not hurt. Gina :)

PS: I went to regular physical therapy for about 4 months and did not get ANY relief from my pain. Massage in only 3 sessions has made a huge difference. Also massage therapists need to be told before hand about the adhesions and where they are (or are suspected). There are special techniques they can use to help loosen them :)

At Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>I received the following message tonight from a mother who is desperately
>trying to find help for her teen-age daughter:
>"I did find someone with adhesions who claims to have had success. The
>doctor did massage physical therapy. The person stated that it did help
>Has anyone had success from massage physical therapy? I find it difficult
>to believe that the use of massage physical therapy for adhesions can be of
>If you have actually tried this kind of massage physical therapy and have
>had success, would you please share your experience here? Thanks!

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