Re: In memory of Christine Buelteman

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Thu Jan 6 14:52:40 2000

I want to thank you all for your words of support and recognition of dearest Christine Buelteman...I will be givivng her family all your kind words about her and I do think that it will offer them a little bit of light within thier darkness at this time.

I do hope that Christine's memory will forever shine like a beacon to all in our society and remind us how important it is to take control of our own medical managment and never give up, never give in and never take no for an answer!! Do not allow anyone to give up on you or tuen you not let your self be intimidated by anyone in the medical society..carry Chris's story with you whenever you go for an appointment and when you start to feel like your being ruched or ingnored or misunderstood...take it out and read it to whomever it is that is treating you like your taking up to much time or tells you there is no more available to help you...DO NOT ever again leave an appointment with more questions then when you went in!! Do not be so nice and appreciative for what has been done for and to you until YOU feel everthing has been done to help you!

And as Helen, Anne and I have been saying all along...not just any surgeon is qualified to do an adhesiolysis...and now you can see why! BEWARE of those who are hasty to " help " you through surgery! Wigh your pros and cons and most importantly...CHECK out his experience and success rate of performing an adhesiolysis surgery! Always as k what it will do for you and against you! Chris was not aware of those things before she elected to have that adhesiolysis in October and had stressed to me more then once how she wished she had known then what she knew ..before yesterday! But if you are reasding this then YOU do know the risks, so be smart, be aware and be your own best DR!

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From: Anne Hayashi <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2000 1:30 PM Subject: In memory of Christine Buelteman

> I am just one more voice grieving for the loss of
> a courageous young woman, whose loss must not go unnoticed.
> I add my voice once again to Laura's, Helen's Beverly's
> to write to Dateline or 60 minutes if you can.
> Its an old adage, but "if not you than who?". We
> finally can unite in one voice, thanks to the internet.
> My prayers go out to Christine's family, she fought
> valiantly. Beverly, I am sure your support meant a lot
> to her and her family. Thank you for being there for
> her.

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