From: Peggy (pklippe1@nycap.rr.com)
Sat Oct 30 09:19:44 1999

Hello everyone, In the first post that I wrote yesterday but lost ,due to hitting a wrong key. I had mentioned that I e-mailed the FDA and questioned them about intergel.Well I forgot to mention it when I posted for the second time. I had asked that if anyone could e-mail the FDA and tell them thier stories and stress how important it is that a barrier be found for us ,THat maybe things would move a little faster. I received an e-mail back from the FDA yesterday telling me that they have no information on intergel at all. THis is so frustrating. HOW can we get people to understand the need for adhesion barriers? Any suggestions on where to write ? Maybe to Hiliary Clinton? I really feel as though we are a lost cause with adhesions.Hope everyone is enjoying the weather.Up here in the Northeast we are having what they call our Indian Summer. I have a wedding to go to this afternoon ,Maybe it will take my mind off of the pain for a little while :) Peggy

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