wedding anniversaries, pain and blue moons!

From: jenny (
Sat Oct 30 04:54:35 1999

Hello everyone, Toni, you have my utmost sympathy for what you are going through just now. It is just awful when you feel that you have no support from those closest to you. I have found that I try to protect my husband from what I am feeling as he gets upset when he knows that I am in pain as he can do nothing for me. Then I get cross, because I can cover up so well, that he doesn't know anything is wrong, while I am busy feeling rotten! He really can't win. It is our 7 year anniversay tomorrow, so we have some way to go until we reach your grand total! I am going for surgery in early december for division of adhesions, and to try to remove my remaining ovary which has a large cyst on it. The last time that they tried to remove my ovary, they couldn't as it was stuck down. I hope they get it out this time! In the meantime I'm struggling with the insomnia that so many of us has. I think that it is the pain that wakens me, and then I can't get back to sleep.It is difficult to have a balance between painkillers that make you woozy, and being able to continue working. A final thought - 'once in a blue moon' is also an expression used in Scotland. Blue Moon was also the name of the shop that I bought my wedding dress from - I thought that that was a clever name! Take care all, Jenny

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