Moon & our biorhythms

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Fri Oct 29 04:35:22 1999

Dear friends, thanks for your responses to my maybe strange question. In dictionary I had seen the phrase "once in a blue moon" meaning "very seldom", but couldn't understand "in the first quarter". > To further empasize my despair...I add that not only would it
> have to be blue but it would ALSO have to specifically be in
> the first quarter!

It seems I can say now "that accounts for the milk in the coconut". :) :) I mentioned about Moon phases. But if to be serious I read in some sources Moon influences certainly on our body. We know that Moon causes water and air activity like flux and reflux, winds, etc. Since we (our body) consist of water as well (more 70 %) it also influences on us too. As far as I know many oriental people have been knowing that fact for many years and use Moon calendar. I also heard about such discipline as 'biorhythmology' which studies various biorhythms of human activity like diurnal, weekly, monthly and seasonal rhythms. Once I talked to a person who worked as a ER physician for many years and he told me that diurnal biorhythms are indeed working thing. Having heard about them several years ago he noticed that daily every couple of hours he watched new-arrived patients to ER with different diseases. It doesn't matter that every hour "has" strictly specific patients, but means every organ "has" certain "peak hours" when it's most "weak". BTW, although our sources of info were different he called the same time of the day for the same organs. Merri Ellen wrote: > I hope this answers your question and again my apologies for
> typing as I speak!

Never mind. :)

Thanks for all your answers again.

Best regards, Igor Gudymenko

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