Re: surgery done and back home

From: toni welsh (
Sun Oct 24 20:36:23 1999

At Sun, 24 Oct 1999, sherry wrote: >
>I am glad you home and you are on the road to recovery. What an ordeal,
>we never know what they are going to find! When I had my laparoscopy to
>remove my left ovary, it turned into a laparoscopy because I was so full
>of adhesions, the surgeons could not see any of my organs!
>Unfortunately, after the scope, I was closed up after having 5 puncture
>sites. I started bleeding internally, thus the laparotomy to repair
>intestine that has been nicked. I find that if I wait too long when
>having symptoms of adhesions, I end up having a laparotomy instead of
>the scope due to the amount of adhesions. I feel like I have an alien
>that has taken over my insides! Please take it easy and give yourself
>plenty of time to recover. Check in and let us know how you are doing.
>Friends who stick together! Sherry

Sounds like a good way to put it, sounds like aliens taking over your insides, I never said it that way. Sounds good, tat is about what it feels like. I too am to the point where anymre surgery tat was tried last year by laparoscopy now has to be converted to laparotomy. I cannot stand the recovery time and pain from them anymore. The laps are bad enough when you have to put up with all the gas they pt in there.

Today was a better day for me, but tonight i have alot of burning and pulling pain, hopefully the senekot ill work in the morning. When your intestines get too full, it does make the pain worse. That is scary, when the gyn went in the first time in april of last yera to do the lap, he too had to convert to lapaprotomy, cause he could not even fid my last ovary, it too was all bound and pulled down with the bwel, and he could not find my organs. I wonder what my next surgery will bring, because my dr said everytime they go in things are getting worse. Bit I have had 8 laparotomies, and 5 laparscopies over a period of 23 years, bt most were in the past 6 years. I had my son 23 ywars ago, and the yeaR AFTER THAT THEY TIED MY TUBES(whoops), and 2 years after that I had a reversal because I remarried, and I never held a pregnancy, now we know it was due to adhesions, if I would have only known. My one son , myhusband adopted him, and they get along o good. I am too tired to type, I better go for now! Hopefully I will talk to you all tomorrow. Take care all! Toni

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