Perforation of bowel & other messy problems

From: Merri Ellen (
Sun Oct 24 09:54:17 1999

Thank you for your response to my fear about the colonoscopy. So often I feel that my fears or concerns are not of importance to the doctors. I think it is the lack of acknowledgment that makes me want to scream! :~o There was never any clear documentation that the scope caused the bowel perf. It is my opinion. And yes, the GI has scheduled upper and lower barium tests before the colonoscopy. The new medicine is not working very well. Levbid is supposed to slow down the flailing movement of my bowel. It has some nasty side effects. Blurry vision, foggy/disconnected sensation. It is a time-release drug so I might feel ok and then go foggy slowly. Last night I felt tired and agitated all at the same time. It has worked on the bowel problem. Eased the cramping dramatically. But it claims to have constipation as a side effect and I am having just the opposite problem with it!

I have been reading all of the posts each day and I feel so bad for each of you that are suffering physical as well as managed care problems. I am holding out hope that there are qualified doctors and technicians out there who have experience with adhesions and that we will find them. I too can self-refer without my GP. But that can backfire also. A nurse actually came out and told me that while I CAN self-refer, the doctors prefer that the GP refer me. After several "chase my tail" experiences I decided to find another way. I called my insurance company and asked for help. I found a doctor (out of network) 3 hours from here who has extensive experience with adhesion cases. Then I asked the insurance company for assistance in getting this doctor to be covered by my copay insurance. She explained that if there was not a comparable doctor within 30 miles of me...they would cover him, even though he was out of network. This put the challange of discovery on the insurance company NOT on me. She found a doctor with comparable experience in my local city. I will see him in November. The insurance company wants me to be satisfied and it will cost less money if they will assist me. I could self refer to dozens of doctors (incurring high costs) or they can help me themselves. We will see! I share this stategy in the hope that it may help someone who is discouraged with their managed care situation.

Merri Ellen

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