Re: crm - your surgery

From: crm (
Sat Oct 23 10:58:07 1999

At Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Marilyn wrote: >Marilyn, yes the doctor started with a lap and then made a full incisional so I guess that is why the pain is so bad, I have 3 small cuts and then my big cut.I really feel the doctors did not believe me when I said something was wrong and I got a second opinion and that is why they did the surgery but the funny thing is the only doctor who believe me came in and told me that the other doctors did not expect what they got, all I hope is that the doctors will start believing in patients when they say they hurt and something is wrong...take care and I will be on in a few days....

>Sounds like your surgery was complicated, but that it was a success. I
>didn't understand exactly...did you start with the lap, and then the
>doctor did reguar incisional surgery? I would think so, after finding
>such a mess inside. Lap's are fine, up to a point. But when things
>turn out to be worse than expected, they usually do a regular operation.
>I hope you are feeling better today, with no more infections? I also
>hope that this is the beginning of better times, and that life will turn
>in a positive direction for you from here on out. Best thoughts are
>going your way!

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