In my opinion..........

From: Denise Olson (
Tue Oct 19 19:08:29 1999

When I first came to this forum (at it's inception) there was all kinds of support for each other - without debate. My understanding was that this was a supportive enviroment, as well as a wounderful place to talk about the resources that are available to us. A place to lift each other up, not tear each other down. I have waited awhile to write this because of not wanting to get in the middle of what I prieceve to be happening. When I come hear my hope is to be able to share my experience,strengh and hope, as well as recieve yours without any condemnation cleverly disguised as "helpful information." I know that, having to deal with the medical professionals, can be draining. This place has been a refuge, almost a place for renewal to get up again and begin a new day with hope. As a member of this forum, I want to be a supportive person, I want to encourage, and I want to be gentle. I don't know about you but dealing with this often misunderstood diagnosis can be like talking to a brick wall at times.(our physicians) Denise in Seattle

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