Empower yourself: This lady was able to avoid an unnecessary surgery by........

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sun Oct 17 18:14:26 1999

What happened to this lady could happen to you --- if you are willing to go the extra mile and do whatever is necessary to learn about your medical condition.

This lady actively sought information about her medical condition and was able to avoid an unnecessary hysterectomy. In her words, " I encourage other women to empower themselves by taking a more active part in matters concerning their health. It's in your best interest to learn as much as you can to understand a medical issue and to help make a sound decision."

I hope that you will also become actively involved when it comes to:

** Making the Choice


The 15th century proverb which summarizes the purpose of medicine is:
* To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always. *

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